What Can You Do with a Size 4 Woven Wrap?

Size four wraps are typically around 3.6 meters long.  What you can do with a size 4 depends on your size, your baby’s size, your wrapping skill, and your wrap.  Thicker wraps tend to wrap shorter than thin wraps and in general the longer you’ve been wrapping, the more you’ll be able to do because you’ll wrap tighter and higher.  The carries below are our best guess at what most people can do with a size 4.  If you’re petite, you’ll probably be able to do all of these and the size 5 carries.  If you’re fluffier or wrapping a preschooler, you might prefer the size 3 carries.  For a really good idea of what you might be able to do check out this thread from thebabywearer where people have posted zillions of pics of carries they can do with a size 4.  

The Full Series of Carries by Size

Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied under the Bum

Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied under the Bum (FWCC TUB) is a short variation on Front Wrap Cross Carry where you just tie under baby’s bottom rather than tying in back.  

Half Front Wrap Cross Carry

This variation on Front Wrap Cross Carry has a horizontal pass and one cross pass.  It’s more like two thirds of Front Wrap Cross Carry.  This ties off at the shoulder with a slip knot and is great for lowering and raising to nurse.  

Short Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied at the Shoulder

This variation of Front wrap cross carry is closely related to the tied under the bum version.  The only difference is that rather than tying under baby’s bum, you tie at the shoulder.  This one is also excellent for lots of lowering and raising for a baby that wants to nurse frequently.  

Short Cross Carry

Short Cross Carry is a short variation on Front Cross Carry.  It is a poppable carry, so you can pretie and pop baby in and out as needed.  


Kangaroo is a wonderful snuggly carry.  This one takes some practice to get the hang of tightening, but is the most comfortable of the shorter front carries and is wonderful for laying down a sleepy baby because it’s easy to untie and just lay baby down on the wrap.  

Coolest Hip Cross Carry

Coolest Hip Cross Carry is an awesome poppable carry.  You can pretie this carry and then pop your baby in and out as needed.  

Hip Cross Carry

Hip Cross Carry is a really quick and easy carry to tie around a baby.  Once you’ve tied around baby, it’s also easy to pop baby in and out and just leave the wrap tied.  

Robin’s Hip Carry

Robin’s Hip Carry is a very pretty and comfortable hip carry.  It has a really cushy shoulder with a double layer of wrap.  It can also be semi-poppable because you could leave it mostly tied and pop baby in and out, just adjusting a little with each in and out.

Poppin’s Hip Carry

Poppin’s Hip Carry is another very comfortable hip carry.  This one includes a waistbelt which can be nice for adding support when doing a hip carry with a heavier baby or toddler.

Ruck Tied in Front

Ruck tied in front is a quick and simple back carry.  

You can also do most of the Size 3 Carries without too much tail.

There are several other back carries that work well with a size 4:  Short Back Cross Carry, Half Jordan’s Back Carry, Double Rebozo, Double Hammock Rebozo, etc.  Those are all in our Size 3 Carries Blog and would work just as well with a size 4.  

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