What Can You Do with a Size 2 Woven Wrap?

Size two wraps are typically around 2.6 meters long.  What you can do with a size 2 depends on your size, your baby’s size, your wrapping skill, and your wrap.  Thicker wraps tend to wrap shorter than thin wraps and in general the longer you’ve been wrapping, the more you’ll be able to do because you’ll wrap tighter and higher.  The carries below are our best guess at what most people can do with a size 2.  If you wear a medium shirt or smaller, you’ll probably be able to do all of these and many of (or maybe all of) the size 3 carries.  If you’re fluffier or broad shouldered or  wrapping a preschooler, you might find you want a size 3 for some of these carries.  For a really good idea of what you might be able to do check out this thread from the babywearer where people have posted zillions of pics of carries they can do with a size 2.  

The Full Series of Carries by Size


Learning to tie a slipknot is key to loving shorties (size 2 and 3 wraps).  Here’s a great slipknot tutorial that shows how to tie a slipknot from over the shoulder. 

Rebozo Front or Hip Carry

Rebozo is a fantastic carry.  You can pretie it and pop baby in and out as needed.  You can even leave it tied and have it ready to go.  All you need to do is slip it over your head and pop in baby.  It is also easy to nurse in by lowering and you have a little tail to use as cover if you like. 

Rebozo Back Carry

Rebozo can be tied as a front carry and shifted toward the back (shown in the first video – which done with a ring sling, but it’s the same idea) or tied around baby (shown in the second video).  It’s a comfortable one shouldered back carry.

No Sew Ring Sling

You can also use a pair of sling rings to create a ring sling without any sewing.  This is a nice alternative to rebozo if you don’t like tying slipknots. 

Simple Hip Carry

Simple hip carry is a quick carry that creates almost a pouch sling with a knot in the back and is a great fast option for a hip carry. 

Ruck tied under the Bum

This is a quick one layer back carry that works well with older babies and toddlers. 

Torso Carry

This video gives a great explanation of how to do a torso carry with a short wrap.  It shows how to twist and tuck the rails to have a secure carry without knots.  This is a super comfortable carry and is really nice because there is nothing on your shoulders.  
Once you’ve tried these, check out the size 3 carries.  You may find you’ll be able to do some of the size 3 carries with your size 2.  In particular, semi-front wrap cross carry, short ruck tied at the shoulder, double rebozo, and short back cross carry are carries that many people can also do with a size 2 wrap.  

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