Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo – Tips and Tricks

Buckle Onbuhimos are a modern variation of a traditional Asian carrier called an onbuhimo. They resemble a soft-structured carrier (SSC) without a waistband. For more information on the background of this carrier, see Onbuhimos are primarily used for back carries and should be use when baby: Fits in the carrier knee to knee, not […]

What #babywearingcan Do For You

Have you been following along with our Instagram account? You may have seen our hashtag, #babywearingcan. Our volunteers and members have seen how #babywearingcan help on a daily basis. Why “#babywearingcan?” We don’t ever want a caregiver to feel as if choosing/not choosing to use a carrier is a win/loss situation. Finding what works for […]

Tips for the Babywearing Traveler

By Autumn Hunter, ABE Traveling, particularly by air, can be a challenge when traveling by yourself, let alone when traveling with a child or children.  We took our first road trip when my son – now just over 2 – was only 8 weeks old and our first flight when he was 4.5 months.  It […]

Breastfeeding and Baby Wearing Your Toddler

by Christina Fowlkes, ABE Breastfeeding and baby wearing are two of my son’s favorite things, so it’s only natural that the two are so very compatible. I love being on the go and it’s so nice to get the grocery shopping done and feed the baby at the same time–and now that he’s a toddler, […]

How to Use a Water Wrap

Many of our members in Southern Maryland love using a water wrap.  Southern Maryland is a peninsula and there are lots of opportunities for beach fun.  A water wrap is a great tool to keep your baby close and happy while also taking care of older kids.  It can also help a baby adapt to […]

Wraps for Beginners

Naitbaby Brezo by April Kinney, VBE New to babywearing and looking into wrap but not sure where to start? There are a plethora of wraps to choose from and, the brands, colors, weaves, fibers can be overwhelming. One popular suggestion is to find something that is visually appealing to you.  If you like the way […]

Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing while pregnant is a wonderful way to meet the needs of a soon-to-be big sibling.  Wearing a child while pregnant can be more comfortable carrying a child in arms. Before embarking on a babywearing journey while pregnant, be sure to consult with your midwife or obstetrician.  In most cases, if you are cleared to […]

ring sling positioning

Ring Sling Tips and Tricks

Having just gotten over a back wrap strike, I’ve been using my ring slings a lot more than usual with my toddler (who turned 2 in January). Ring slings have probably always been her favorite carrier, and we use them often for trips to the store and when we are out and about. Advantages of […]

Babywearing Strikes

“Oh, my baby didn’t like being worn.” It’s something I’ve heard lots of moms say. And while there certainly are babies who don’t like it and won’t like it ever, there are some tips and tricks you can use if you want or need to wear your baby and baby (or toddler!) is not cooperating […]

Tips and Tricks for Breastfeeding While Babywearing

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! In honor of world breastfeeding week, we have compiled some tips for nursing in a carrier. First, it’s hard to learn to use a carrier and learn to nurse a baby for the first time all at once.  It’s easiest to master each individually before you put them together.  So get […]