How Babywearing Can Help You Reclaim Your Body after Birth!

By: Bethany Learn, Founder of Fit2B Studio Despite being the founder of Fit2B Studio, an online family-friendly fitness portal, I’m no fan of strenuous exercise for new moms. Now, if you define exercise as strenuous, weight-lifting or cardio-style movements that keep your heartrate high for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time… Um, isn’t that […]

The Top 3 Considerations for Spine Health and Babywearing

By Dr. Stacey Dent, D.C., B.C.A.O. of Harbor Bay Clinic of Chiropractic, LLC As a family chiropractor, I get many questions about infant development and babywearing now that it is becoming even more popular as parents understand its benefits. I tell them the importance of the right carrier and how it can impact the spines […]

Babywearing Buns of Steel 15 Minute Bedtime Workout

This workout is designed to put your baby to sleep and give you a quick leg/bum workout all at the same time.  All that you need is a tired baby, a carrier, and a set of steps.  Your movement and increasing heart rate will lull your baby to sleep and you’ll get a great workout […]