Carrier Reviews – Inda Jani Tilli (Herringbone)

Review by Jennah Watters
Inda Jani wraps, sold in the US primarily by 5 Minute Recess, are handwoven (yes, handwoven!) by artisans in Oxaca, Mexico. There are several different weaves and weights – the taffeta weave is a much thinner weave, while the tilli (herringbone) and fular (diamond weave) are both thicker. They are great budget wraps, especially considering that they are handwoven. All currently available Inda Jani wraps are 100% cotton.

Below comments refer to the herringbone weave wraps, but the diamond weave is very similar in wrapping qualities. These will wrap short as they have almost blunt ends (no taper to speak of). If you are planning on buying for wrapping, I would encourage you to buy one size up because of that. Be sure to wash the wrap when you first get it, as it arrives in “loom state” and will need to be washed and dried to minimize thread shifting. I would not consider them “crunchy” at all, but they do get even softer with use. These wraps are very cushy on the shoulders because they are thick – but the weave is also very open and airy, so they are not especially hot during the summer. Because they are thicker, they will make a larger knot when used as a wrap. Be aware that the weave can pull fairly easily because it is so open and airy, but it’s also pretty easy to work the pulls back in.

As wraps, these are fairly grippy (similar to a Girasol diamond weave). They are great if you think you have “picky shoulders” because they are very supportive and cushy cushy cushy, and will teach you to strand-by-strand tighten well. Because of the thickness, I would not consider them the best wrap to initially learn on – especially for back carries (I tend to like wraps that are a little thinner for that, just because they are easy to manage), but this is a wonderful baby to toddler wrap once you’ve got the hang of the basics of wrapping.

I own a pre-made (from 5 Minute Recess, with a gathered shoulder) herringbone ring sling, and it is by far my favorite ring sling to use with my toddler. It’s so supportive in a single layer ring sling carry, even with my 20 lb 2 year old! I highly recommend these as ring sling wrap conversions – they are even great for newborns as wrap conversions, as you don’t have to worry about big knots and dealing with thick material in conversion pieces.

Cush: 4/5
Grip: 4/5
Newborn suitability: 2/5
Baby (6+ mos) to toddler suitability: 5/5
Suitable for wrap conversion (RS, MT, or Buckle): 4/5 (pulls may be a deterrent)
Measures: approximately 73 cm wide
Thickness: 270g/m2
Value: 5/5
Cost: $90 (3.2 meter/size 3) – $110 (5.2 meter/size 7)

Want to check one out in the lending library? We own a herringbone ring sling (orange tie dyed), a semi-wrap conversion mei tai (from Zanytoes – orange tie dyed), and a size 6 orange herringbone wrap (to-be converted into a RS soon!). We also own a size 7 orange wrap with fringe (this one is the thinner, taffeta weave and will be reviewed later).


Inda Jani orange tilli/herringbone ring sling (tie dyed) from our Lending Library

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