Carrier Reviews: Hoppediz (Osaka 2 with fringe)

Review by Jennah Watters, ABE
Believe it or not, this wrap is a Hoppediz Osaka…it just was purchased with a funky green dye job! This wrap was my introduction to a size 2. It is SO SO SO SOFT! 100% cotton, so very easy to care for. Because of that, I used it to wrap my toddler (then about 1.5 and 25 lbs) at the beach! She was much too heavy for a true water wrap at the point, so I wanted something easy to wrap with in windy conditions, easy to care for/wash, and comfy to wear a heavy toddler in. This fit the bill perfectly! It’s wide, so forgiving while wrapping in the wind. You can see how deep a seat I was able to get in the pic above…and it’s still up very high on her back and she’s a tallll toddler! Not thick, but a dense weave that is very supportive for heavy kiddos (similarish to a Storch stripes, but I think softer and a bit thinner). We did not wrap IN the water, but it was perfect for oceanside walks with a quick trip in the washing machine every couple days. It was also compact enough that it would be easy to toss in the beach bag if you were not wearing to walk out to the beach and back.

It was also my first time wrapping with fringe and blunt ends. Because the wrap is fairly thin and moldable, the fringe was actually really fun and cute to me (seemed “beachy!”). I had no trouble wrapping with it and really like the Hopp fringe – it’s short, basic, and not fussy to care for. I put my daughter up in a quick Ruck Tied Under Bum for walks out to the beach with 2 free hands for beach bags, and for longer walks during nap time I had enough length (even with a toddler!) to do Shepherd’s or Reinforced Ruck with a Candy Cane Chest belt (I prefer Shepherd’s, for the record). Both so comfy! So comfy, in fact, that I got two of the very very very few wrap naps my kid has EVER taken!! (I’m sure walking beside the ocean waves didn’t hurt, either.) Such a good wrap nap one day that I was even able to transfer her to a beach towel and she continued to nap. That is unheard of for my kid!

Because it’s thin and moldable, you do give up some cush. I, personally, prefer moldable over cush, but it’s all personal preference. This makes a great shorty, but bc it’s not thick and overwhelming would be great in any size. Definitely recommend Hoppediz carriers as a great “I only want to buy one wrap ever” carrier, because they can easily take you from baby to toddler, and are affordable, easy to find, and easy to care for. Win all around!

Give this carrier a check out if you want to try a Hopp or try your skillz with a size 2.


My arbitrary rating breakdown…
Cush: 2/5
Grip: 3/5
Softness after breaking in” 5/5
Newborn suitability: 5/5
Baby (6+ mos) to toddler suitability: 4/5
Suitable for wrap conversion (RS, MT, or Buckle): 5/5
Value: 5/5
Cost (in this and other colors): roughly $80-$110, depending on color and size

NOTE: If you ever need to wash a lending library wrap, be sure to always wash them with NO FABRIC SOFTENER OR DRYER SHEETS. These add a coating of wax to the wraps that is difficult to get off and can make them harder to wrap with (slippery) and shorten their lifespan. If you ever have any questions about washing a carrier (the library’s or your own), check with us 🙂

UPDATE 7/15/2014 – We now own another Hoppediz wrap! This one is a Hopp Delhi size 2. It has no fringe, but it does have a cool pocket on one tail. It’s not quite as broken in as the Osaka yet, but it’s well on its way and is very supportive!

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