Carrier Review: Didymos Prima* Monti


Review by Kristi Wiegman, VBE
Didymos Prima* wraps are a classic standard of baby wearing.  Prima refers to the signature weave of Didymos which it has been using since the early 70’s.  Primas have been popular with babywearers for decades because their design makes them both supportive and grippy, a great combination for extended wearing.  Primas can be 100% cotton or a blend of cotton with linen, hemp, silk, wool, cashmere or alpaca.  They are woven from two to three colors of thread and come in a huge range of color combinations.  A search of shows that there are over 200 variations of the Didymos Prima so there is surely something for everyone!Our library Prima is known as Monti and is a size 6.  It is 100% cotton, white and caramel, and medium thick.  I love Monti most because it is soft, floppy and well broken in.  You can tell it has had lots of love.  It would be great for a newborn or a toddler, is easy to wrap with and has a nice diagonal stretch.  I had Monti checked out from the lending library during the month that my daughter started popping her seat and getting very wiggly when wrapped.  Monti was great in learning our first unpoppable carry and as you can see Emme was also a fan.

The one downfall of Primas is that the weave is very open, making them prone to snags and pulled threads.  These pulls can usually be fixed quite easily and do not affect the safety of the wrap but may be an issue for some if you particularly dislike being hunched over a wrap, going cross-eyed pulling a single thread through the length of the wrap with a pin.  Because of this they aren’t the best pick for conversions.  Although I have seen many Prima ring slings and even some Prima WCMTs, many converters specifically state that they do not convert Primas because they can be so difficult to work with and often produce messy seams.

Didymos wraps are sold in Germany, but can be purchased a few places domestically including Woven Wraps and Caribou Baby.  Birdie’s Room is a Canadian retailer but always has a great selection of Didymos Indios and ships to the US (shipping is free for orders over $150).

My ratings according to Jennah’s arbitrary breakdown . . . (note these ratings are for Monti, the library Prima, wrapping qualities may vary for other Primas depending on the fabric blend)
Cush: 4/5
Grip: 4/5
Softness after breaking in: 4/5
Newborn suitability: 4/5
Baby (6+ mos) to toddler suitability: 4/5
Suitable for wrap conversion (RS, MT, or Buckle): 1/5
Value: 4/5
Cost (in this or other colors): $115 to $200+ depending on size, color, blend


*Please note, the formerly culturally appropriative name of this design has been changed to Prima.


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