Babywearing Buns of Steel 15 Minute Bedtime Workout

This workout is designed to put your baby to sleep and give you a quick leg/bum workout all at the same time.  All that you need is a tired baby, a carrier, and a set of steps.  Your movement and increasing heart rate will lull your baby to sleep and you’ll get a great workout in the process.  


Put your baby in a front carry and walk up and down the stairs for 10 minutes.   As baby gets sleepy, position their head on your chest so they can hear your heart beat.  This usually puts mine straight to sleep!


Do fifty lunges, 25 per leg.  You can either do walking lunges, or stand in one place.  If you feel your balance is a little off, hold on to a wall or a chair.  

Calf Raises

Stand on the bottom step and hold on to a railing.  Then raise and lower yourself.  Do this for one minute.  


Do fifty squats.  Like when you are pregnant, take your legs as wide as needed to accommodate for baby comfortably.  With a smaller baby, you could probably do squats almost like chair pose in yoga.  With a bigger toddler, you could do a wide legged squat, more like goddess pose in yoga.  

Wall Sits

Sit against a wall with your legs at a 90 degree angle.  Hold this pose for one minute.  


Take a break and enjoy your sleeping baby! Take a drink, walk around a bit.  Do a quick stretch.    

Lay baby down & Relax!

Ah, so peaceful!  

Adjust this workout to make it work for you.  Feel free to add or take away elements, add or reduce time or repetitions.   As always, listen to your body and of course give yourself plenty of time to allow your body to heal after childbirth.  

Wishing you lots of blissful sleepy babywearing and a great workout!  🙂

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