Meet the Leaders

Our team of volunteers is made up of lots of amazing parents and caregivers! Click on the names below to read interviews from our Meet the Volunteers blog series. If you have a question, feel free to ask one of us!

Master Babywearing Educators:
Rachel Boarman – Lexington Park
Jennah Watters – Lexington Park

Advanced Babywearing Educators:
Laura Ashline – LaPlata
Libby Beer – Anne Arundel
Kristin Emerson – Anne Arundel
Christina Marie Fowlkes – Lexington Park

Volunteer Babywearing Educators:
Heather Arthur – Lexington Park, Calvert
Aimee Bark – Anne Arundel
Alisa Barnes-Volz – Lexington Park
Ellen Blumhardt – LaPlata
Laurel Cahill – Calvert, Charlotte Hall
Sarah Casilio – Lexington Park
Bre Knapic Davis – Lexington Park
Jami Funk-Wilbanks – Anne Arundel
Katy Lawrence-Galloway – Lexington Park
Ryann Gerwig – Calvert, Lexington Park
Jessica Grimm – Waldorf
Kristien Gyorgy – Lexington Park
Anna Herbert – Anne Arundel
Amanda Hinson – Lexington Park
Meagan LeVelle – Lexington Park
Jo Moran – Charles County
Bernie Nguyen Florip – LaPlata, Charlotte Hall
Patty Yestramski – LaPlata, Charlotte Hall

Chapter Support Volunteers:
Jackie Connors Hall – Lexington Park, Charlotte Hall
Christine O’Keefe – Calvert
Kristi Little – Anne Arundel
Christa Loyer – Charlotte Hall
Beau (Walter) Moran – LaPlata, Charlotte Hall
Kat Mclernan-Walz – Lexington Park

Primary POC for Chapter Functions:
President – Jennah Watters
VP – Jessica Mullins Grimm
Treasurer – Christine Marie Fowlkes
Social Media – Bernie Florip
Sponsorship – Alisa Barnes-Volz
Training and Continuing Education – Kristen Gyorgy
Library Data Management – Libby Beer
Outreach Coordinator – Kat McClernan Walz
Membership Management – Alisa Barnes-Volz
Secretary – Laura Ashline
Carrier Acquisition – Jami Funk-Wilbanks

Anne Arundel Lead – Libby Beer
Calvert Lead – Ryann Gerwig
St. Mary’s Lead – Sarah Foster Casilio
Charles Lead – Jo Moran


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