2014 October

How to Use a Water Wrap

Many of our members in Southern Maryland love using a water wrap.  Southern Maryland is a peninsula and there are lots of opportunities for beach fun.  A water wrap is a great tool to keep your baby close and happy while also taking care of older kids.  It can also help a baby adapt to […]

Wraps for Beginners

Naitbaby Brezo by April Kinney, VBE New to babywearing and looking into wrap but not sure where to start? There are a plethora of wraps to choose from and, the brands, colors, weaves, fibers can be overwhelming. One popular suggestion is to find something that is visually appealing to you.  If you like the way […]

Babywearing, Breastfeeding, and Tongue Tie

By Rachel Boarman, MBE Babywearing has been a lifesaver with my third baby.  My daughter Ellie was born peacefully at home in June.  She was a healthy 8 pounds, 9 ounces and just beautiful.  We all adored her. Well, most of us.  😛 However, from the first time she nursed something felt different.  It took […]

International Babywearing Week 2014

Thank you to all our generous sponsors! Here are some of the prizes we’ll be giving away during Babywearing Week, along with the generous sponsors who donated them! Be sure to visit their pages, give them a thank you, and check out there wares! We also have more goodies, including tote bags, sling rings, and […]