2014 June

Sick? Here Are Meeting, Carrier Return, and Washing Instructions!

Have you had one of our carriers checked out while your family has been sick? That’s OK! We know that sickness happens (especially with small kiddos!), and we hope the carrier may even have helped you get through the sickness with some snuggles. But we also want to make sure we don’t pass that sickness […]

Carrier Reviews: BBslen (Papaya)

Review by Kristi Wiegman, VBE Babylonia BB-Slens are designed by a Belgium company but handwoven by a Fair Trade project in India.  They are 100% cotton and come in a wide variety of bold colors and stripes that are apparently all named after fruits/ spices (Blueberry/ Fruit Cocktail/ Green Paprika/ Pink Pepper, etc.).  Kitschy names […]