2014 April

Carrier Reviews – Inda Jani Tilli (Herringbone)

Review by Jennah Watters Inda Jani wraps, sold in the US primarily by 5 Minute Recess, are handwoven (yes, handwoven!) by artisans in Oxaca, Mexico. There are several different weaves and weights – the taffeta weave is a much thinner weave, while the tilli (herringbone) and fular (diamond weave) are both thicker. They are great […]

Shoulder Flip Tutorial

Many woven wrappers find shoulder flips tricky.  A shoulder flip is when the wrap comes from below the shoulder and is flipped over the shoulder to create ruck straps.  Shoulder flips are used in tons of back carries including:   Jordan’s Back Carry Giselle’s Back Carry Half Jordan’s Back Carry Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder […]

Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing while pregnant is a wonderful way to meet the needs of a soon-to-be big sibling.  Wearing a child while pregnant can be more comfortable carrying a child in arms. Before embarking on a babywearing journey while pregnant, be sure to consult with your midwife or obstetrician.  In most cases, if you are cleared to […]