2013 March

What Can You Do with a Size 3 Woven Wrap?

First, I should say that this is just my best guess at what MOST people can do with a size 3.  What you can actually do with this size wrap depends on your size, the size of your wrappee, and your wrap.  Thicker wraps tend to wrap shorter and thinner wraps tend to wrap longer. […]

How Babywearing Can Help You Reclaim Your Body after Birth!

By: Bethany Learn, Founder of Fit2B Studio Despite being the founder of Fit2B Studio, an online family-friendly fitness portal, I’m no fan of strenuous exercise for new moms. Now, if you define exercise as strenuous, weight-lifting or cardio-style movements that keep your heartrate high for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time… Um, isn’t that […]

The Top 3 Considerations for Spine Health and Babywearing

By Dr. Stacey Dent, D.C., B.C.A.O. of Harbor Bay Clinic of Chiropractic, LLC As a family chiropractor, I get many questions about infant development and babywearing now that it is becoming even more popular as parents understand its benefits. I tell them the importance of the right carrier and how it can impact the spines […]